Jerri Collins

Best-selling author turned affordable ghostwriter, specializing in fiction and memoirs. I love breathing life into a client's project!

To me, writing is less a talent of mine and more the one tool I have in my possession to paint the world in my own thoughts.
I am a full-time ghostwriter with twenty-five projects under my belt. I've also successfully self-published two novels and several short stories, as well as having two novels published by a small publishing company.
Two of the novellas I've written have been part of a USA Today's Bestsellers List anthology. I've worked with a hugely successful small publishing company ghostwriting for them, as well as the many wonderful self-published authors who have hired me.
"Jerri is a pleasure to work with, a truly talented writer with a flair for the written narrative. I have faith in her writing." - Patricia Van Drunen, Owner, Prism Heart Press.
"Finishing a series for me, she followed my style perfectly. She's well worth the money and a dream to work with!" - Nicola Roberts, Author.
"She's professional, on time with her deadlines, and always comes prepared." - Camilla Wells, Author.
"Jerri's work is always clear and very enjoyable to read. It makes my job a lot easier!" Tedi Feria, Editor.
Do you have a series you need to finish and just don't have the time? Or maybe you'd prefer to be spending time doing other things instead of writing? I am an adaptable writer, able to mimic any voice or style you'd like and I would be glad to take care of your project while you move on to other things. Or there's a story in your mind, one you keep thinking about and aren't sure how to get out. Whether it's a fictional story or a story about your own life, I can craft your thoughts into an outline, into a story. I can do all of these things at an affordable rate and quick turn-around time. Let's talk about the story in your mind!
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