Jess Mae

Content Strategist, Editor, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Writer

A wealth of experience at a reasonable price

By day, corporate whizz, by night, music biz.

I am a skilled business planning/marketing specialist with demonstrated experience in business planning and marketing roles in the corporate environment & music industry. I am a naturally inquisitive, intellectually gifted and motivated person and as such have held multiple streams of employment for most of my career thus resulting in a strong set of skills and experience across multiple industries/functions. Combining my strengths in business and music, I am currently a Marketing and Brand development consultant and graphic designer for various labels and artists, and am a professional artist (music producer & vocalist) myself. I have over 6 years experience working remotely, not only maintaining but substantially expanding my professional networks locally and overseas, competently ensuring effective communication and quality work from my home office and studio.
Content Types
Video, Motion Graphic, Social Video, Music Video, Explainer Video, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic
More Information
Canberra Institute of Technology, Certificate IV Multimedia Production
College, Cert II Radio & Broadcasting, Cert II Multimedia Production
Paladin Risk, Cert IV Risk Management

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