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I leverage inbound marketing methodologies to help startups achieve significant business growth. That's a fancy way of saying I create content marketing that converts. So what makes me different than all the other content "experts" out there?

For starters, I worked at fast-paced startups for years, so I'm intimately aware of the challenges that lean teams working with limited resources (and results-hungry investors) face on a daily basis. Marketing is a common pain point, as options are limited, expensive, and time-consuming to manage.

That's why I decided to take my love and knowledge of content marketing and bring it to the freelance world. Put simply, I want to give small businesses access to affordable, high-quality content marketing.

Rather than trying to convince investors to shell out big money for up-front agency fees, you can work one-on-one with a strategist who has a proven track record. Unlike large one-stop shops, I dedicate myself to a small number of clients at a time and build relationships with each one. This allows me to ask questions, learn your business, and work with you to cultivate the perfect voice for your brand. I use my learnings to craft highly targeted inbound content that brings leads to you by establishing mutual respect, trust, and rapport. No high-pressure sales tactics here! Your customers deserve better.

My services include but are not limited to:
- content marketing consultations (improve what you've already got in place)
- high-level strategy (content planning, keyword opportunities, resource guidance)
- writing (blog, email, web, sales collateral, press releases)
- editing (long and short form copy, existing content audit)
- social media (content creation, curation, and strategic guidance)

Have questions or have a project in mind that's not listed here? Connect with me and send me a message!

If you're looking for a go-to for all things content, you found her.
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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Case Study, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Infographic Copy, Explainer Video, Landing Page, Checklist
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University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A. in Communications; Psychology Minor
Gilbert, AZ, USA|English

Published Work - Major Publications

Blog Post
5 tips to help real estate agents launch an inbound marketing plan

Have you noticed the abundance of self-checkout lanes popping up in local stores? Do you use a bank app for mobile deposits? Is Yelp your first stop when you want to try a new restaurant for dinner? Chances are your answer to one or all of these questions is yes — and you’re not alone — but what do all of these things have to do with real estate? Keep reading to find out.

April, 15 2015
Blog Post
3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned as a Successful Content Marketer

Does content marketing make you all geeky? Me too! In fact, I love it so that I made it my career. I’ve been pummeling the internet with original content on the daily for several years now. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to consistently come up with compelling topic ideas and how to engage even the most distracted of audiences. Want to know my secrets? Read on, content aficionados!

September, 2 2016
Blog Post
Thrifty Bride's Guide to Staying on a Budget: Choosing a Venue

No nonsense advice and actionable how-tos that will help you find the perfect wedding venue for your budget.

May, 25 2016
Blog Post
Thrifty Bride's Guide to Staying on a Budget: Where to Start

This post is coming straight from a bride-to-be in the wedding planning trenches. Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm here to give you real advice on how to get the most bang for your bridal buck.

April, 13 2016
Blog Post
Low Housing Inventory: A Logical Explanation

The real estate market has faced a unique set of circumstances from 2012 to today, all leading to a dramatic decrease in overall housing inventory. But what's causing the massive shortage? Let's take a look at the key factors driving this nationwide real estate trend.

May, 20 2016
Blog Post
Think You Know The Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Home? Think Again.

The best time of year to sell is a hotly debated topic. Many experts agree that spring is a safe bet, and industry research backs this up. But, a recent Redfin report also brings some surprising data to light. Read on to learn which seasons will help you sell faster and for more money in your metro.

December, 15 2017

Published Content; Ghostwriter

Blog Post
Transportation Innovations: Introducing the Tesla Semi
December, 10 2017
Blog Post
4 Important Things to Know About The ELD Mandate
December, 18 2017
Blog Post
Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Hype or the Next Big Thing?
October, 30 2017
Blog Post
Looking to the Future: What’s Next in Freight & LTL Shipping
September, 18 2017
Blog Post
LTL vs. FTL: Defined & Explained
August, 27 2017
Blog Post
5 Ways New Nexus Laws Affect Your Business Now (and Why it's a Big Deal)

Post explaining how Wayfair vs. South Dakota impacted sales tax nexus; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

August, 27 2018
Blog Post
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business for Retirees

Targeted post for niche group interested in small business; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

August, 19 2018
Blog Post
Need a Company, Brand or Product Name? If You're Struggling, Start Here.

Long-form post on how to effectively brainstorm a company, brand, or product name; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

September, 14 2018
Blog Post
Your Guide to Restaurant Sales Tax (and How to Make It Less Painful)

Restaurant owner's guide to sales tax compliance; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.
Blog Post
The Top 10 POS Systems for Restaurants - 2018 Edition

Post offers an overview of the most popular POS systems used by businesses large and small; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.
Blog Post
8 Free (Anti) Stock Photo Sites That Won't Make You Cringe

Post on how to find free stock sites that don't suck; link-builder post written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

November, 9 2018
Blog Post
Want to Set Up an Amazon Seller Central Account? Do These 3 Things First.

Post offers tips for aspiring ecommerce sellers on how to prepare to sell on Amazon; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

October, 30 2018
Blog Post
ShopKeep POS: Standout Features for Small Businesses

Feature post for popular POS software solution; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

October, 7 2018
Blog Post
Cannabis Sales Tax in California: Everything You Need to Know

Long-form post on sales tax as it relates to cannabis sales in California; written for a freelance client, published on their blog.

September, 29 2018
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