Jessica Burshtynskyy

Copywriter, Ghostwriter

Exceptional copy to help you build your digital presence

Customers today live online. This means successful brands need to have the skills to communicate effectively with them, capturing their attention and enticing them to patronize their business. For the past decade, I have worked to help brands reach these online consumers. Through blog posts, articles, emails, and website copy, I help businesses of all sizes communicate their value to the target audience and articulate what they have to offer.
I work extensively with brands in both the B2B and B2C sectors, writing for industries ranging from SaaS organizations to real estate companies. I have worked as a ghostwriter for a number of businesses, playing an integral role in SEO teams and drafting material for publication. My writing skills and research abilities come together to create content that builds a strong online presence for my clients.
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Article, Ebook, Whitepaper, Checklist, Blog Post
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CUA, Bachelor of the Arts: Psychology
Berwyn Heights, MD USA|English

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