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Experienced Restaurant and Hospitality Technology, Finance, and Marketing Writer

I'm a professional B2B marketing and technology content writer with 24 years of restaurant and hospitality experience, plus four years of onsite property management and maintenance. As a full-stack writer, I deliver meticulously researched, data-driven copy that helps companies engage their audience while strengthening their communication with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

*HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified *** HubSpot Content Marketing Certified*

My business background provides insight into everything it takes to start, run, and maintain a growing business. I have first-hand experience with digital marketing communications, including social media, PR, and lead generation along with restaurant branding, operations, management, and finance. I've helped with human resources from talent acquisition to retention. Plus, my dedication to customer service and customer experience is well-known by my industry peers.

You can rely on my professional attitude, and solid writing chops get the job done. You’ll appreciate my responsiveness to your emails and edits. If you need a reputable writer to increase conversions and build trust in your brand, then let’s talk.
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