Jessica Jentz


Content Writer providing thoughtful and well-researched work.

I write informative, persuasive, conversational, and humorous pieces. I ensure SEO optimization through a tasteful amount of long-tail keywords, and quality content.

What I provide:
• Creative and original work
• Thoughtful and engaging results
• Comprehensive research
• Professionalism and timeliness
• Arguably neurotic attention to detail

Who I am:
I genuinely love what I do which makes work fun. Clients tell me that the enthusiasm and care I put into my projects is evident.

My interests are broad, and I often spend my downtime browsing Wikipedia to educate myself on new subjects and perspectives. I’m that gal who is always pulling out her phone to "google it".

That being said, I'm particularly knowledgeable with regard to indie music, progressive politics, second/third wave feminism, nutrition, animal rights, gaming, environmental issues, veganism/vegetarianism, LGBTQIA+ rights, beauty, meditation, black lives matter, knitting, nutrition, cultural studies, agnosticism/atheism, and artistic expression.

My first career culminated in the role of Financial Controller for a luxury hotel with a hyperlocal focus. From that experience and similar ones before it, I am well-versed in the following subjects: accounting; management; hospitality; business writing; and of course, office politics.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post
More Information
MCTC, Associate's Degree
Minneapolis, MN, USA|English

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