Jessica Turnham

Copy Editor, Writer

‘Pleasure in the work puts perfection in the job’ - Aristotle

- Need a job completed by Monday but it's Friday evening? I can work weekends when available, dm for more info
- Live in the UK but accept clients globally
- Can write articles/research papers or copyedit them either for blogs, websites or projects
- Feel free to ask me about projects that are out of the box, little or large!
- Happy to arrange payment either for the whole project or at a rate, dm for personal negotiation
- Currently social media free, hope to add LinkedIn soon!

Get to know me a bit:
Remember that shy girl who hid behind her dad at Sunday school when all the other children were running around with their friends without a care in the world? Yeah, that kid was me. Fast forward to today, I've completed GCSEs and A-Levels at Sussex Downs College. I have also taken key roles in community projects and social clubs like Girl Guides and the National Citizen Service - something neither my parents or me could have ever dreamed of 10 years ago. More recently, I have worked in an office environment supporting charity and have been a waitress/house team member at a local Christian manor house retreat centre. Keep reading for examples of published content or direct message a project - big or small - to see if I am available to complete it within your schedule and mine! And yes, that is a photo of shy little me (although I'm not as short these days).
Content Types
Article, Product Description, Commercial, Buyers Guide, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
Sussex Downs College, Geography & English Language
Eastbourne, UK|English

Published Content

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Past Climate Conferences Case Study

Written with use of news articles/gov documents. Will reference these with new work.

June 13th, 2019
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Ageing Population Challenges

Written with use of gov statistics and news articles - will use references with clients.

June 13th, 2019
PDF upload
Population Change in the UK

With use of past scientific/historical data as well as present gov statistics.

June 14th, 2019
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Is English Language breaking up into many different 'Englishes'?

This article was put together after several months of studying language change as part of an A-Level English Language course.

June 8th, 2019
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The Amazon Rainforest Commentary

Part 2 of The Amazon Rainforest video script project explaining the format that was chosen and the word choices that were best matched to the hypothetical video recording.

June 6th, 2019
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Case Study
Language Investigation - Does Our Age Affect The Words Directed Towards Us?

With reference to audio transcripts, this case study aimed to discuss whether the language directed towards us changes significantly with age, receiving top marks at A-Level.

June 10th, 2019
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The Amazon Rainforest Video Script

Part 1of The Amazon Rainforest video script project. This is a fiction piece written as part of coursework to showcase a niche writing genre which received top marks at A-Level.

May 24th, 2019
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