Joana Reis

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Ocean pollution - Plastic - Recycling - Climate Change - Sustainability - Human Rights - Animal's Rights

Joana is a Marine Biologist and writes mainly about ocean pollution and climate change. Those articles create awareness about what we're doing to our oceans and consequently to our planet. Joana's writing​ is based in science but in a way everyone can easily understand.

Since Joana is travelling​ through​ Asia, she started writing about human rights (children included), animal's rights and religions. This storytelling brings real stories from experiences Joana lived, with the intention of telling the world what is really going on, what should be changed and improved. With is, Joana aims to create togetherness in humanity.
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Article, Blog Post
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UALG - University of the Algarve, Master Degree - Marine Biology
Lisbon, Portugal|English, Portuguese, Spanish



Humans and Religions

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