Jodi Wallace

A marketing tornado and a breath of fresh air

"A marketing tornado and a breath of fresh air." That's how one client described me, and I don't think I could have come up with a better tagline for myself. I've been marketing since I was 8 years old when I ran for class rep with a Batman campaign. (Hey, it was the 60's) and when I sold Hawaiian Punch instead of lemonade on the corner, I insisted on making a sign that said, "Punch and Jodi."I haven't stopped since. I've worked with giant hospital corporations like North Shore LIJ and Montefiore to create healthy strategies for bringing physicians and patients together. I've taken a $5M tech start-up and turned it into a $110M market titan in less than 7 years. I helped brand a 220-acre research facility at Louisiana State University and worked with the local library to bring some new pizazz to its image. I've been a CMO during an IPO; worked to rebrand a number of M & A's and I even became a certified PI along the way. I would have preferred to have been given the gift of x-ray vision or the ability to talk to dead people, but instead I've been humbled with the skill of being able to learn even the most complex business or product in record time. I'm a really good writer and great at creating meaningful social media content. I'm happy to provide lots of references - or you can talk to my 86 year old dad who says he taught me everything I know! Let's work together to make some amazing things happen.
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