Jody Halsted

Living the dream in Iowa; dreaming of living in Ireland.

Jody Halsted is a Midwest based freelance writer, homeschooling mom, and unrepentant traveler.
A rambling soul who would love nothing more than to call her RV home, I ‘live the dream’ in Iowa with my husband and two daughters (along with a small menagerie of furry friends). Never one to follow the path most traveled, family adventures usually involve quite a bit of driving, a lot of hiking, and some sort of meal cooked over fire.
A lover of all things Irish, I know more than your travel agent about travel in Ireland, and visit the country once or twice a year, exploring places most tourists have never heard of.
A weaver of words and determined amateur photographer, my ultimate goal is to raise my children as free-thinking individuals who see obstacles as opportunity and value what they achieve far more than what they are given.
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