Joe Burgett

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Freelance Writer & Editor - Tech|Entertainment|Politics|Outdoor|History|Sports|Science|Self-Help|Relationships|Branding|News

I have been writing online for nearly 15 years and have seen more than 5,000 articles of mine go on to be published across a sea of websites. I have written for places like Bleacher Report, The Richest, Fansided, The Inquisitr, Screen Rant, The Gamer, Nerd Much, The Sportster, Inverse, Men's Variety, The Social Man, Science Sensei, The Travel, CBR, and several others.

I was the Lead Editor for during their 2017 Comeback Project and held the Managing Editor role for Men's Gear from 2018 to 2019. This is on top of now owning my own website that focuses on sports,

I have a degree in TV & Radio Broadcasting and Production and will earn a second degree in 2021, this time in Public Policy & Public Service.

I have A LOT of interests and have written on pretty much everything. So you can pretty much assume I am down for whatever topic-wise.
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