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I have been in the professional Information Technology career field for 20 years now after I have obtained my City and Guilds of London Diploma at Intec College in 1997. I have obtained various technical as well as management skills that will benefit any company I become part of. I am a highly self-motivated person and have excellent technical, planning, organizing and managing skills; I am able to work under pressure, very creative and therefore adaptable in various situations. I am a good team player but am also more than able to work independently as well as managing teams and projects.

For the past 7 years, I’ve gained vital skills in Lead Engineering software support and projects, business planning, sales, strategic planning, disaster recovery and great communication and problem solving skills. I have strong System Administrator technical experience in various Microsoft products, both implementation and administration as a Certified Microsoft Professional. I also have general management experience as well as basic accounting experience.

I have gained both International and National Information Technology corporate experience through the years and will be an asset to any company. Recently I have gained valuable Windchill Application engineering software support at Product One Solutions, Operations Management at Agility Global Health Solutions and Business Management at Riverwalk Trading and Boundless Services. I believe in growing in knowledge and skill by keeping up to date with the latest developments, systems and processes in the business and corporate field.

I am available for contract as well as permanent positions. I am setup to work remotely and am available to work after hours as well. Innovation and new challenges are my focus in taking my experiences and skills to the next level.

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Vereeniging High School, City and guilds of London
Pretoria, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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