Joel Pino

When Joel's not writing, he’s training on the Wasatch Mountain trails and canyon roads with his wife and their rescue dog Bash.

Before his current gig as a copywriter, Joel had already spent the past decade writing about endurance sports, health, and nutrition for a motley mix of fitness and wellness blogs and websites. He even served a stint as creative director for Utah’s own Gnarly Nutrition. But lest you think he’s a one-trick pony, just know that Joel’s also written B2B for startup and worn the hat of marketing manager while writing and producing local marketing videos for Porsche Salt Lake City.

Joel loves great ideas, has an obsession with words, and a deep passion for good literature—all fostered while completing a BA in English Lit at the University of Utah. Need a writer who loves giving you copy with a powerful narrative and plenty of personality? That’s Joel. Want a guy that brings a spoon to a knife fight? That’s Joel, too. And to top it off, he’s up before dawn every morning, sucking down raw eggs and running copious miles on steep canyon trails. It’s just how Joel rolls.
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