John Lark

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Finance Freelance Writer/Blogger

Hi, My name is John.
I'm a generalist freelance writer and blogger that focuses mainly on finance-related topics for small, big, local, and international clients. I specialize in writing blog posts and articles about a variety of topics including student loans, credit cards, building credit, investing, and more.
I've worked. with clients like Insurancehub, Listverse, and Legit. I've also worked with businesses and marketing agencies to create content that:
• increases audience engagement
• Brings steady traffic to the targeted website
• Creates a loyal and excited customer base
• Builds my client's reputation as a trusted leader in their Industry.
I am currently a freelancer on Fiverr, where I offer my services to small budgeted clients who need high-quality articles, SEO-optimized blog posts, case studies, and topic-targeting documentaries.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Case Study, Documentary
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Loyola University Chicago, Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
Charlotte, NC, USA|English

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