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I have a lot of expertise in various fields, one of my specialties is writing in the field such as writing an article, a book, a script, a story, a poem.
I love writing and I want to share my literacy and thought so that I can make the world a better place
I love the mountains because I believe one of the writers' schools is there and I love the trees because they donate their existence to our writing.
I believe in knowing because I feel that it gives me the ability to push me forward and reach my goal.
I want to find fans to see my work, so I need a place to be seen so that my work is not wasted and motivated to do better work
I specialize in sports, science, such as microbiology and psychology, football, chess, bodybuilding, because I believe they are necessary for life.
I'm interested in knowing the languages ​​and cultures of other countries and trying to choose the best culture for my personality
I also love music, but I have little expertise because I'm getting better every day, I think the music is the author's mind.
In short, I love creativity, work, life, and a variety of lives
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