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I live in Hilo Hawaii. I am 48 years old. My interests are above all else beautiful chicks, music, (heavy metal celtic, industrial, jazz, bluegrass, punk, bagpipes) books ( dragonlance, dungeons and dragons, star wars, dc marvel, image, the occult, black magik, white magik, wizardry, sorcery, freemasons, religion, angels, demons, history, myths, legends, lore, politics, tech, mind control weapons, microwave weapons, free energy, future tech, ELE ( extinction level events) geo engineering, genetic manipulation, the economy, the truth, global cultures, origins of religion, psychology, persuasion, strategy, critical thinking, symbiosis, synchronicity, time travel, manifestation, attraction, free thinking, individuality, quantum computers (dwave) theology, quantum theory, existentialism, the afterlife, addictions, habitual behaviors, body language, overcoming hardship, black history, Hawaiian history, Hawaiian myths and legends, astrology, flat earth, the theory that we are living in a computer simulation, parallel dimensions, ancient religions, the pantheon of gods, ET's, the end of the world, the supernatural, con men, serial killers, world leaders, videogames, the unexplained, ego maniacs, heroes and villains, philosophy, art, drawing, painting, shading, 3d art (hand drawn) art supplies, self control.
My favorite movies and tv shows are braveheart, the fisher king, lord of the rings, the matrix all star wars, all star trek, the outer limits, twilight zone, back to the future, supernatural (tv show) the incredible hulk (tv show) i dream of jeanie, bewitched, the munsters, the jeffersons, mork and mindy, mash, happy days, laverne and Shirley, my bodyguard (movie) godzilla, the xfiles, dark skies, blade, nightmare on elm street, halloween, friday the 13th, texas chainsaw massacre, superman, batman, brightburn, drunken master, weekend at bernies, bill and Ted's excellent adventure, interview with the vampire, silver bullet, needful things, the perfect storm, gilligans island, wcw, ecw, wwe, new japan pro wrestling, deathmatch wrestling, smokey mountain wrestling, gwf wrestling, nwa wrestling ppw Polynesian pro wrestling, clint eastwood movies, cool hand luke, Gotham.
I am a seeker of the truth.
I spend most of my time everyday learning new things. I research everything.
I question everything.
I enjoy smoking marijuana and tobacco and meditating. I can do anything i put my mind to accomplishing. I am a overcomer. I am creative. I am a critical thinker i am a free thinker. I have carved out my own path in life. I am a philosopher and a theologian. (I have no degrees or certificates. I learned most of it online) I am also a demonologist, i know enough psychology to get things done, i am learning to be limitless.
I have a excellent sense of humor.
This is my first time giving this a try.
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