Jonathan Robinson

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Copy Editor, Editor

Writing About Alternative Energy and Emerging Technology

Technology and alternative energy companies require a special breed of content writer. Jonathan possesses a core understanding and passion for these markets, as well as the ability to distill complex concepts into simple language.

After graduating from college with a bachelors in Literature, he worked for H.W. Wilson Co. writing abstracts, specializing in science and technology. From there he became the assistant editor for the magazine, CD-ROM Professional.

His technical experience extends beyond writing, however, and has hands-on technical work including supervising the creation of digital special effects, including work on Academy-Award winning movies; leading software development teams; and managing the design and development of testing equipment for a major consumer electronics company.

From these experiences, he understands your need for quality content that does more than entertain your prospective customers. He consistently delivers content that educates your readers about your product or service in a way a layperson can understand.
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Published Content

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Will you be your own battery.pdf

This article describes advances in triboelectric nanogenerators.

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Press Release

The touch screen industry transitions to new technologies.

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What Is AI's Future.pdf

This article discusses the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, and the ways AI changes our quest for knowledge.

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Press Release
Lyn And Line (1).pdf

Two women bust the myth that there are no women software engineers.

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Press Release
Advanced Film Capture.pdf

Startup film scanning company wants to save historical film deteriorating in film vaults across the country.

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How to Find Off-Grid Land (5 Critical Things to Pack To Visit Off Grid Land).pdf

Tips for finding off-the-grid land.
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