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I'm a stay at home mum to 4 terrific kids. Prior to this, I had 12 years of experience teaching physics to teenagers in schools.

Even though I have not done any formal writing assignments, I have written more than 70 articles (as of Nov 2018) for my own website:

Do hop over to take a look, and see if my writing style resonates with you.

I know SEO, as that is what I build my website upon. I believe in always delivering quality content to readers, with the genuine intent to inform and help them out with their problems, so that they get to trust your brand.

If you would give me a chance to work with you, I won't disappoint you.
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National University of Singapore, Honours in Civil Engineering

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Blog Post
Our Eczema Story (and how we used natural eczema cures)

This summarizes our eczema journey, from how it all started, and all our struggles, to how we finally healed from it through natural remedies.

November, 10 2018
Blog Post
Boy, oh boy! Why does eczema itch so bad?

This is a personal account of one of my son's worst days in relation to his eczema itch, in an attempt to portray the suffering experienced by people with eczema on a daily basis.

June, 1 2018
Blog Post
Review of Karen Fischer Eczema Diet Book

This is a book review of Karen Fischer's Eczema Diet Book, which has helped us tremendously in our eczema journey,

October, 9 2018
Blog Post
Generate your passive income today

This is another website of mine, which serves to promote a blogging and affiliate marketing platform to people who are new to this and need some structured training and support on their way to generating an online income.

November, 7 2018
Blog Post
Avoid these High Salicylate Foods Bad for Eczema

This is the diet section in my eczema blog, which aims to share how diet plays a crucial role in the health of people prone to eczema.

October, 11 2018
Blog Post
Exercises Drain Lymph Nodes and Help Eczema

This is my own blog, which aims to share the experience I have in dealing with my children's severe eczema.

November, 13 2018
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