Jordan Gasser


Professional dancer with a passion for writing.

My name is Jordan Gasser, and I grew up in small town Ohio. I have been a dancer all my life, and I decided I wanted to make a career out of it. I went to a performing arts college in New York City. From there, I went on to become a professional dancer for various cruise lines, performing on cruise ships all over the world. I have been to China, Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, France, England, and Scotland. I have seen the world in ways I never thought imaginable. Successfully following my passion has inspired me to write and blog about my adventures in the hopes of inspiring others to go after their biggest dreams in life. I'm always looking to live life to the absolute fullest.
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New Philadelphia High School, High School Diploma
The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Certificate in Dance Theater
New Philadelphia, OH USA|English

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Life of a Showgirl

Showgirls are a huge part of entertainment all over the world. Skimpy costumes, giant headpieces, feathers, sequins, and dancing create an unforgettable experience. Take a look inside what it takes to be one of these leggy ladies.

February 16th, 2019
Blog Post
A Getaway in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio is my home city! It’s the nearest major city from my tiny home town. I’ve been there so many times for things such as day trips, dance competitions, shows, and sports games. Located right on the edge of Lake Erie, it’s a lively, industrial city that is growing and full of people who are proud of where they live.

March 4th, 2019
Blog Post
48 Hours in Berlin

How to enjoy 48 hours in one of the most culture-filled capital cities in Europe: Berlin, Germany!

February 28th, 2019
Blog Post
7 Ways Traveling Abroad Alone Will Change You

I knew most of my life that I wanted to travel, but I didn’t realize how much it would change me. I wasn’t prepared to grow in the ways I did. Being completely surrounded by a foreign environment almost forces you to adapt to valuable lessons and develop new perspectives on many aspects of life.

February 21st, 2019
Blog Post
What It’s Actually Like to go for Your Dream Job

A blog post about how and why I went for my dream job of becoming a dancer, and what they don't tell you about maintaining a "dream job" like this one.

February 19th, 2019
Blog Post
How to Make Healthy Meals Taste Good

It’s so much better to live life excited about what you’re eating and not dreading trying to be healthy. With just a few small changes it can be so easy to eat a tasty, nutritious filled meal!

March 20th, 2019
Blog Post
“Cleansing” With Intention

“Cleansing” or “detoxing” is a hot topic right now, mainly in the health and fitness world. If you’ve tried cleansing, it was probably for a designated period of time, in order to give your body a break from something having a negative effect or impact on you. But, what’s the point if we’re just going to go right back to old habits? How can we cleanse with intention?

March 23rd, 2019
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