Jordan Trask

What's your strategy this time around?

Jordan is an Indianapolis, Indiana native who grew up with a strong sports and construction background. He began his professional career in corporate America, immersed himself in a flat structure, and has been growing with startups ever since. He understands corporate initiatives but has learned to under-appreciate hierarchical developmental approaches - ask why.

Prior to developing a strategic passion, Jordan climbed the corporate ladder with a worldwide management trainee organization. Avoiding desperation, Jordan is always seeking an occasion with an established company that provides advancement while expanding his capabilities. He believes his experience has helped him develop a solid understanding of strategic profitability and he's driven to impact future affiliations with leadership, work-ethic, accountability, poise, and integrity.

Jordan is passionate about developing a purpose before investing time. He is confident in his ability to create and lead while competitive intelligence enables him to surpass expectations and reach goals. His dedication to proper branding delivers a story that engages consumers and keeps them loyal. To him, a meaningful message expanded through relevant content is a difference-maker.

Jordan views effective communication is imperative. Relaying a solidified vision that coincides with goals, clients, and the people that represent them is the framework of growth. Without solidified processes and purpose, one cannot anticipate corporate or individual success.
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