Josefin Dahlberg

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Photographer, Writer

Writer passionate about sustainability, veganism and health

I have a great interest in animals and environment and this is something that I love to capture in my photos, as well as in the texts that I write. I also enjoy cooking and my interest for trying new recipes and creating my own has only grown since I became vegan.
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Article, Blog Post, General Photo, Product Description, Recipe
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Lund University, BSc Psychology
Germany|English, Swedish

Published Content

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General Photo

Interior design in pictures

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Excerpt from my story "Creatures".
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Excerpt from a short story

This is a piece out of a short story that I wrote, concerning the environment and animal welfare.

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General Photo

Ominous spring evening in Malmö, Sweden.

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General Photo

Curious cat

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General Photo

Colorful sunset a fall evening in Sweden.

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