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Background: I’m currently studying Computer Science at RMIT. My writing background is that I used to make a full time living writing and self-publishing but I’m switching over to Freelance Writing and technology since I’m not a fan of the marketing side of things. I write fast clean drafts in either American or British English.

Areas of expertise:
* Computer Science: Swift, Python, Vim/Emacs, Java, SQL, HTML/CSS, Javascipt (React, Node.js)
* Technology: Technology trends, Apple Products, Mac Software, iOS Software, Cryptocurrency and Economics, Social Media Trends
* Writing: Making Ebooks, Publishing Industry, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers and also I do some ghost-writing (but fiction only)

Professional communication (no flaking or "Sorry things got crazy" emails) guaranteed.
Thank you for your time.
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Blog Post, Article, Ebook, Website Copy
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RMIT, Bacherlor of IT (Currently)

Published Content

The Touch Bar is Apple’s Vanity Plate
medium.comBlog Post
The Touch Bar is Apple’s Vanity Plate

A short piece demonstrating my basic tech writing skills.

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