Joseph Leon

Writer, Ghostwriter, Photographer


I am a printer by trade and have 40 years in the industry, while looking at printing you develop an eye for what is a good photo and what is good reading content. My eye for a nice photo was developed by my many hours at The San Diego Zoo watching and photographing animals with a Canon AE1 camera. In the printing industry you develop an eye for color all photos are only made up of 4 colors CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

In school I developed my writing style, in any class if we had an essay test I was usually at the top of the class with an A. I write technical documents and legal documents and letters to CEO’s of companies that get results. I think I have a couple of books in me, now that I have the time to do writing. I like to write resumes to help others that do not have as developed writing skills.
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Candid Photography, General Photo, Aerial Photo
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Grossmont College, Database Specialist Certificate
Master Printers of America, Cutter Technician
San Diego, CA, USA|English

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