Josh Jensen

Content Strategist, Writer

Passionate about life. Writer, D1 Athlete, Coach, Outdoorsman, and a bit of a nerd.

I've been privileged to be exposed to amazing people and become fascinated with their stories and telling my own. I'm from a small town in central Utah and became a Division I athlete. I express myself through writing and athletics. I don't believe that anyone has a boring life story and try to learn something from everyone I come into contact with.
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Utah Valley University , Communication with Public Relations concentration

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Blog Post
No Longer a Fad: Why Insurance Adjusters Need Drones
December, 18 2018
Here’s Why Drone Platforms Trounce Basic Measurement Reports
January, 3 2019
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How a Drone Solar Site Survey Works
November, 26 2018
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You’re Not Self-Made
November, 25 2018
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October, 11 2018
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November, 1 2018
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November, 5 2018
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October, 8 2018
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August, 20 2018
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Why Roofers Might Consider Drones for Inspecting Complex Roofs
September, 21 2018
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August, 22 2018
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Roofers: Preventing a Single Injury with Drone Tech Can Save You Thousands
September, 5 2018
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5 Signs That You Need to Invest in Drone Tech for Solar Site Surveys
July, 25 2018
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6 Recent Advancements to Drone-Based Inspections
July, 13 2018
Beyond Adjusting: How Drone Tech Improves the Customer Experience
June, 28 2018
Insurers: Here’s How Drone Tech Can Help You Prepare for Hurricanes
June, 21 2018
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state writeup.pdf

Article I submitted to the Payson Chronicle recapping the success of some athletes I am fortunate to coach.

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Four Big Ways Aerial Drones Are Flying Into the Future _ Loveland Innovations.pdf
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Blog Post
Why Many Insurance Adjusters Are Trading in Their Ladders for Drones _ Loveland Innovations.pdf
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Blog Post
Useful Resources to Help You Pass Your UAS Aeronautical Test _ Loveland Innovations.pdf

There are several great resources available to help you pass your remote aeronautical test. This post digs into a few of them.

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5 Misconceptions The Roofing Industry Has About Drones _ Loveland Innovations.pdf

Drones are making their way into the roofing industry, but there are still some misconceptions people have about the technology.

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Considering Drones for Insurance Inspections_ Here's How to Find a Vendor _ Loveland Innovations.pdf
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