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Bill Maher Calls Upon Al Franken To Return To Politics, Stating ‘Me Too’ Would Remain Intact
September, 10 2018
Upcoming ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot Reportedly Seeking Actress Liv Tyler To Battle Chucky
August, 1 2018
Dad Accused Of Punching 14-Year-Old Soccer Player In The Face After Boy Scuffled With His Son During Game
June, 17 2018
Original ‘Halloween’ Movie Meets 2018 Sequel In Fright-Rags T-shirt Collection
September, 3 2018
GOP Official Carla Maloney Who Called NFL Players ‘Baboons,’ Has Resigned
September, 2 2018
Godsmack Frontman Sully Erna Says “We’re Not Metal”
August, 4 2018
Five Great Movies Premiering On Netflix In September
September, 1 2018
Good News For Some, Bad News For Others: TV Ratings For Summmer Are In
September, 1 2018
Six Fantastic Horror Movies Now Streaming On Netflix
August, 13 2018
Trump Protestors Crowd The Streets Nationwide, Opposing Republican Immigration Policies
July, 1 2018
Horror Icon Joe Bob Briggs Comes To Defense Of Fan On Twitter After Overwhelming Shudder Premiere
July, 15 2018
Trump Supporters Hit Harley-Davidson Via Twitter, Making False Claims Against CEO
June, 29 2018
Korn Guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch Calls Warped Tour ‘Lame’
July, 6 2018
MoviePass Users Will Have To Choose Between ‘Terrible Movie And Terrible Showtime’ Each Day, ‘NYP’ Reports
August, 11 2018
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Currently Filming A Sixth ‘Terminator’ Movie
July, 29 2018
Festival of Disruption To Feature Francis Ford Coppola, Wu-Tang’s Rza, And Jeff Goldblum For David Lynch Event
June, 18 2018
Maynard James Keenan Of Tool More Concerned About ‘Me Too Movement’ Than Anonymous Rape Claims
June, 28 2018
Trump Facing ‘Countdown To Impeachment’ Amid Growing Troubles For The President
August, 25 2018
‘Bhad Bhabie’ Is Apparently Hating The New Kanye West And Lil Pump Song
September, 9 2018
Radiohead Guitarist Johnny Greenwood Releases New Music, But Only On Paper
July, 11 2018
‘Scream 5’ Seems Unappealing To Neve Campbell With Passing Of Director Wes Craven
July, 13 2018
Marilyn Manson Releases New Single, Covering A ‘Lost Boys’ Soundtrack Classic
June, 15 2018
Here Are The Five Best Movies To Awaken Your Inner Patriot On The Fourth Of July
June, 30 2018
Emmys Facing Major Backlash After ‘Twin Peaks’ Snub
July, 13 2018
Dave Bautista Still Blasting Disney Over James Gunn Firing And Doesn’t Seem To Care If He Gets Fired
September, 2 2018
UNC Is Looking For A New Place To Install Silent Sam Confederate Statue, Chancellor Says
September, 1 2018
David Lynch Happy To Have Been Right All Along About ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,’ Mourns Loss Of Theaters
June, 15 2018
Pastor Leads Prayer At Trump Rally Asking God To Shield President From ‘Jungle Journalism’
August, 5 2018
Louder Than Life 2018 Lineup Suggests Danny Wimmer Could Be Changing The Summer Music Festival Game
July, 17 2018
Here Are The Five Worst Horror Movie Remakes To Make You Appreciate The Originals
July, 16 2018
Five Facts About Spiders To Ponder Before Bed
July, 8 2018
‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin Apparently Passed On ‘Big Bang Theory’
August, 9 2018
Nine Inch Nails Add More Tour Dates As They Gear Up For New Album Release
June, 15 2018
New York City Council Is Considering Restricting Soda From Kids’ Meals
September, 2 2018
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver: Trump Insults Intelligence Of African-Americans, Will Never Talk To Mueller
August, 5 2018
‘Halloween’ Should Have A William Shatner Cameo, According To Its Producer.
August, 5 2018
Review: Nine Inch Nails ‘Cold And Black And Infinite’ Tour [Opinion]
September, 28 2018
Rob Zombie To Release New Album In 2019
July, 21 2018
Nine Inch Nails Kickoff New Tour Performing Entire ‘Broken’ EP
September, 15 2018
Trump Officially Stumped: President Refutes Himself In Recent Tweets
July, 1 2018
Trump’s Red Wave Prediction Could Come To Pass, Polls Suggest, As Midterm Election Season Officially Kicks Off
June, 24 2018
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Only The Number 35 Highest Grossing Film Of All Time, Trailing ‘Black Panther’
June, 18 2018
Dave Bautista Says Stand-Alone Drax Movie Was A Priority, Now Doesn’t Think It Will Happen
September, 6 2018
Oscars Backpeddal And Rethink Popular Film Category
September, 8 2018
Nine Inch Nails Debut New Song In Las Vegas And Also Covered A Joy Division Tune.
June, 18 2018
Marilyn Manson Cancels Show Due To Illness Leaving Angry Toronto Crowd
July, 27 2018
Trump Dealt Another Blow As ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Is Being Hailed As Michael Moore’s Greatest Film
September, 9 2018
MoviePass Competitor, Sinemia, Releases Family Plan That Doesn’t Seem To Compete
June, 23 2018
Trump Support Reaches Major Low In Midwest, Holds Steady In South
July, 13 2018
From Worst To Best: Ranking Every Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ [Opinion]
August, 5 2018
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