Judy Pokras

Judy Pokras is a seasoned journalist with many interests!

In the Myers-Briggs temperament test, I come out as an ENFP, which is the typical journalist. Makes sense, as I have tons of intellectual curiosity.

I've written for a wide range of venues, both print and online, both staff and freelance, including The New York Times.

I'm very creative, and have produced, written, and directed a mock Seinfeld video, Anomalies (which you can find online by searching for that title and my name); am the founder of the 15-year-old online magazine RawFoodsNewsMagazine.com (about raw vegan lifestyle); and am the author of two books carried by libraries in Florida and Arizona: The Little Book of Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes; and Artist Girl's Cambridge Daze, a novel that has some of my drawings in it.

I have many entrepreneurial ideas, and am always hoping to find someone who wants to help me launch any of them!
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