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Juliette Sebock is a poet and writer born in small-town Pennsylvania. She fell in love with writing at a young age but cycled through a variety of short-term jobs before deciding to pursue her passion full-time. She writes in a variety of genres, ranging from poetry to journalism. When she isn’t writing, Juliette can be found reading, watching Netflix, or cuddling with her kitten, Fitz.
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Gettysburg College, B.A. (English, History)
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When You're Stuck in the Confusing State of Being 'Sick, but Not That Sick'

I’m 21 years old. I’m a former fitness coach, dancer, actress and model. I’ve done things some people wait a lifetime for. Then my body said no. Get off the stage and into bed. Your joints aren’t going to work. Your head will hurt. You’ll be somewhere past tired all of the time. You’ll be dizzy. You’ll be nauseated. You’ll want to give up.

May, 5 2017
College is hard. We make it easier!

. . . sources like Cosmopolitan magazine and HuffPost Women have expressed their disdain. Trump's beliefs on the subject of women are unacceptable and these sources recognize this; when your primary audience is so distinctly attacked, of course there will be coverage.

October, 13 2016
Making Mental Disabilities Manageable

Despite being invisible compared to most disabilities, anxiety and depression are just as debilitating and can be medically qualified as the same. Nevertheless, between stigma allowing them to be brushed off and there being few precedents in place for a situation like mine, navigating college with these mental disabilities is difficult.

September, 9 2016


Mistakes Were Made: A Poetry Collection

Mistakes Were Made is the debut poetry collection of Juliette Sebock. Written over years of watching the world around her, the poems compiled here examine love, loss, mistakes made, and lessons learned

July, 4 2017


Neurasthenia, Robert Graves, and Poetic Therapy in the Great War

Though Robert Graves is remembered primarily for his memoir, Good-bye to All That, his First World War poetry is equally relevant. Comparably to the more famous writings of Sassoon and Owen, Graves' war poems depict the trauma of the trenches, marked by his repressed neurasthenia (colloquially, shell-shock), and foreshadow his later remarkable poetic talents.

November, 15 2017
Blog Post
A Call to Arms: Inciting the South with Poetry

Though he hadn’t published more than one volume’s worth of poetry before the Civil War, Henry would become the unofficial “poet laureate” of the Confederacy, known for his rousing, patriotic poems.

March, 7 2016
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