Kevin Lee

A witty writer, whose skills are on fire

Veteran proofreader with 5 years experience consistently delivering highly accurate and error-free work. Comfortable with a variety of proofreading technology. Impeccable research skills for coming up with original writing content. I love writing about all kinds of topics; this helps me learn new things, which is another thing I have I an obsession with.
Exceptional poet with ten years in performing arts in the United States. Superb memorization and improvisational skills.
I have been (and still to this day) studying and writing literature for ten plus years, articles and SEO-content for about 4 to 5 years. I have excellent proper U.S English language skills, also have amazing English Grammar knowledge. I
know very well on how to incorporate keywords and engaging words into content and be creative while presenting factual content at the same time.
I have always loved doing creative writing every since I found out how good I was at it in middle/junior-high school.
I didn't build a real passion for writing until I was 18-years old, during the year 2007. That's when I began writing poetry seriously and studying the literature and rhetoric art form of writing. I am also good at writing short stories. I wrote my first one when I was in junior-high school. My teacher gave me the only 100%-A on the assignment out of
everyone in the class. I expected to only get a C or maybe a D; I definitely was not expecting an A. Every since then, I started to notice that I always did extremely well on creative writing projects in all of my English classes.
Today, I still have a deep passion just for writing in general; especially creative writing. Being an exquisite writer is the only true skill I have ever had in my entire life.

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Highly observant
Detail oriented
Quick turnaround
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Fluent in English
Skilled researcher
Works well independently
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