KJ Hannah Greenberg

a sophisticated writer who can work on topics ranging from science to literature

Dr. KJ Hannah Greenberg was a Rhetoric Professor, who taught technical writing, public speaking, all manner of communication courses, and intermittent courses in sociology. She won National Endowment for the Humanities money as well as National Communication Association distinctions.

These days, Dr. Greenberg writes across genres. She's been nominated four times for the Pushcart Prize in Literature, and once for The Best of the Net.

Hannah’s collections of brief fiction are: Can I be Rare, Too? (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2017), Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2016), Cryptids (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2015), The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles, 2nd ed. (Bards and Sages Publishing, 2015), and Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things, 2nd ed. (Bards and Sages Publishing, 2014). Her novels are Ten Kilo and One Million (Crooked Cat Books, 2017), and My Neighbor Judy (serialized in Tachlis Magazine 2017-2018).

Hannah's essay collections are: Dreams are for Coloring Books: Midlife Marvels (Seashell Books, 2017), Word Citizen: Uncommon Thoughts on Writing, Motherhood & Life in Jerusalem (Tailwinds Press, 2015), Jerusalem Sunrise (Imago Press, 2015), Oblivious to the Obvious: Wishfully Mindful Parenting (French Creek Press, 2010), and Conversations on Communication Ethics (Praeger, 1991).
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