Karla Sullivan

It has been a lifetime for me as a writer and I never tire of new challenges as well as rejections. Through many decades of one word after another, I just never give up.

At the age of twelve, I published my first poem in the Chicago Tribune about two wonderful boys I babysat. Then, I entered into the Keep Chicago Clean contest supported by my junior high. That's really where it all began realizing that I could write. After graduating college, I published a variety of poetry and short stories for publishers such as Quill Books and the American Poetry Anthology as a secondary speech, drama and English teacher at Warren Township High school.

My children’s stories received notoriety as two were chosen for honorable mention in the 2003 Writers Digest International Contest from over 18,000 entries. I then began writing consistently with over 500 articles on inspiration and workplace development as the Chicago Career Coach for the widely read Examiner.

But my writing extends beyond that scope, with high-level publications that include local newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune. the Patch, The Culture Trip, CBS Local, Grand and Reunion Magazine, Sacred Journey, Mature Years, Phoenix Focus, and Parachute Local MapQuest. I continue to free-lance for many organizations such as Hope's Front Door.
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