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Kassandra Hall writes content for major brands. These include names like Gosur, Volusion and Barber Surgeons Guild. She writes descriptions for Indeed, StubHub and Ticketmaster. And, she provides feature content for Productive Leaders and Vanguard SW.

Kassandra started writing freelance over ten years ago. She obtained her BS in Business Management and Marketing at Mercy College. Her business experience led to positions at a private hedge fund and an investment bank in New York City. She is currently completing her master's degree in business management.

Kassandra enjoys exercise, biking and golf. She's experimenting with vegetarian cooking and creative design. But, most of her cooking "creations" include vegan cheese.

Website: efficientkwritingservice.com
Email: contactefficientk@gmail.com
Specialties: SEO content, web content, paid blogging, editorial writing, blog posts, magazine features, newsletters, evergreen and marketing content, social media posts and email blasts.
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Candid Photography, Ebook, Guide, Interview, Press Release, Product Description, Presentation, Recipe, Social Copy, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Landing Page, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Mercy College, Bachelors of Science
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English

Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Blog Post
Ace the Interview With These Nursing Interview Questions

I enjoy writing about the challenges in the nursing field and how to help students who want a career in nursing.

November, 7 2018
Blog Post
Why Turnover Is Higher Without Employee Recognition Programs

I enjoy writing about employee recognition, productivity and career advancement.

October, 31 2018
Blog Post
7 Ways Successful and Strong Leaders Rally and Recognize Employees

I enjoy writing listicles about employee recognition and ways to increase employee engagement.

October, 24 2018
Blog Post
eBay Valet Discontinued - Sell on eBay Without Cutting Profits

I enjoy sharing engaging content about online businesses.

October, 23 2018
Blog Post
Ace the Job Interview With Confident Swagger: Pro Styling Tips for Men

I enjoy writing about men's grooming tips, shopping trends and how to have a confident swagger.

September, 20 2018
Blog Post
Best NYC Business Travel Pointers: From Conference Rooms to Concierge

I enjoy writing about business travel and exploring new cities.

August, 22 2018
Blog Post
HR HiPOs: Identifying HiPOs, How to Find and Hire Them and Add Value

I enjoy writing about HR trends and tips related to leadership in business and management.

May, 15 2018

Business and Personal Finance and Banking

Blog Post
CVS Vs. Walgreen’s Stock: Which is Best?

I enjoy writing about current stock trends and market conditions.

November, 1 2018
Blog Post
5 Financial Services Consumer Trends in Fin Tech with Serious Impact

I enjoy writing listicles about trends and challenges in the financial sector.

October, 22 2018
Blog Post
5 of the Coolest Budget Conscious College Students

I enjoy writing listicles and writing about savvy college students with style!

October, 11 2018
Blog Post
Improve Nonprofit Marketing with the Right Numbers

I enjoy writing - - and learning about - - how to improve metrics and increase ROI.

October, 9 2018
The Ultimate Tax Relief Guide: Offer in Compromise Tax Debt Resolution

I enjoy writing about tax tips to help consumers understand how to manage their debts.

August, 24 2018
Blog Post
Do I Need a Lawyer for My Tax Debt Relief or Can I Set It Up Myself?

I enjoy writing tax guides and helpful tips for consumers that need debt advice.

August, 23 2018
AI in Finance: Present Concerns and Future Applications

I enjoy writing about new technologies and the latest digital trends.

July, 6 2018
Blog Post
Why We’ll See Even More Cryptocurrencies (Like Bitcoin) in 2018

I enjoy writing about cryptocurrency trends and new blockchain technologies.

May, 5 2018
Blog Post
Best QuickBooks Finance Tips for New or Novice Business Owners

I enjoy writing about QuickBooks tips and shortcuts to save time.

May, 3 2018
Blog Post
Are Cryptocurrencies a Fad or Will They Change Banking As We Know It?

I enjoy writing investment advice and tips on cryptocurrency trends.

January, 17 2018
Blog Post
Ready to Get Your Personal Finances in Order? Here Are the Best Budgeting Apps and Tips for 2018

I enjoy writing about budget and savings tips and sharing new app information.

January, 2 2018
In the News: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Block Chain Technology

I enjoy helping potential investors learn about blockchains and cryptocurrency trends.

October, 2 2017

New Technologies and Apps

Blog Post
How to Get the Most Out of Office 365

I love writing about the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Automating features and using cloud can help with tons of data. And, AI and machine learning can reduce human errors and give humans more time for value-rich projects like maximizing CXs.

December, 13 2018
There are 3.6 billion cloud users. Here’s why.

I enjoy writing about trends in technology and tips related to digital advertising and content marketing.

August, 10 2018
7 productivity apps to use during the workday

I enjoy writing listicles about the latest technology trends and tips related to productivity in the workplace.

May, 24 2018
Is Your Messaging App Secure?

I enjoy writing about technology trends and digital apps.

May, 20 2018
6 technology stats every business owner should know

I enjoy writing listicles about new features in technology and tips related to mobile devices and IT.

April, 26 2018

Dining, Shopping and Travel

25 Romantic Hotels in NYC: Carriage Rides, Top Views & Fireplaces

i enjoy writing travel listicles for tourists and including valuable tips other sites don't have (to increase search rankings).

October, 30 2018
Blog Post
Shop Like Scrooge, Live Like a Hipster: Tricks to Save Big in NYC

I enjoy giving shopping and savings tips and helping travelers explore new locations.

November, 8 2018
5 Vegan Restaurants in NYC That Will Make You Forget They’re Meatless

I enjoy writing about vegan and vegetarian dining. As a vegetarian, I can share with consumers where to find the best restaurants (and new takes on meatless creations!). I love writing for vegan and vegetarian audiences. While the food selection is healthier, there is some prep work that goes into meal planning. But, the upside is once you get into the habit of keeping healthy ingredients handy, you don't have to think about what you're going to eat. You also don't have to panic if you're dining out with friends and family! I make lots of stews, soups, and salads.And, I check restaurant menus before I travel. I also keep nuts and seeds with me as backup. I can graze when I want and there's always something yummy to enjoy!

November, 10 2018
Blog Post
Brookfield Place NYC – Battery Park City: Best Shops, Food, and Events

I enjoy helping tourists learn about new locations to visit (and I like including lots of tips to help them shop!).

September, 18 2018
Blog Post
Best Kosher Restaurants in NYC

I enjoy writing about the restaurant industry, wine pairings and restaurants featuring fresh ingredients.

July, 2 2018

Family, Fitness and Fun

Blog Post
Just for Men: Top 10 FREE Ways to Surprise Your Wife on Valentine's Day

I love writing about ways to enjoy your time over the holidays (and save money!). With so many fun ways to spend Valentine's Day, it was hard to pick just 10! I've written other content for company with tips on putting the spark back in your marriage and ways to deal with issues that can cause miscommunications. Very helpful for couples interested in a marriage retreat.

February, 12 2018
Blog Post
6 family-friendly Halloween thrills and chills in Orange County

I enjoy writing fresh and fun listicles and helping clients like KME Systems add creative backlinks into their event blogs.

October, 11 2018
Blog Post
Best Bike Maintenance and Pre-Ride Bike Inspection Tips for Cyclists

I enjoy writing about mountain and road biking tips.

September, 10 2018
Blog Post
10 Fun Date Ideas to Liven Up Your Summer

I enjoy writing about fun ways to enjoy summer with your spouse. There are so many free and low-cost activities. Other content I've written for this client includes how to put the spark back in your marriage and how to address miscommunications. Very insightful for couples interested in a marriage intensive retreat.

June, 8 2018
Blog Post
5 dog-friendly activities for you and your pup this summer

I enjoy writing listicles and coming up with creative ways to include backlinks to promote IT products and services.

May, 10 2018
A-Z Guide to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense Training for Women

I enjoy helping people learn about martial arts and new techniques.

March, 16 2018

Medical Industry

Blog Post
Make a New Year’s Resolution to Take Your Vitamins

I enjoy writing about nutrition. Maybe it's because I'm a vegetarian but I love eating healthy and writing about the value of vitamin supplements. Our bodies are sensitive and the right vitamins and nutrients can keep us mentally fit and alert (for years to come!).

January, 4 2019
New Hampshire Addiction Treatment Programs

It's important to share information on rehab facilities that can help the family and friends of someone that needs treatment. A person that has experienced substance abuse needs support as they transition away from substance abuse. And, that's one of the reasons I am glad I can write these types of articles. It also helps to educate the public.

New Mexico Substance Abuse Statistics And Addiction Treatment Options

I enjoy helping the public learn about medical treatment options. Often, people are taught that addiction is bad and they feel embarrassed. But, by educating them on their options, it can help them on the road to recovery.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment In Nevada

I enjoy educating the public on various medical topics. With such a severe drug epidemic in the U.S., it's important to share information that can help people that need to seek out treatment options.

Still Getting Over the Sickness? Here’s How an IV Hydration Boost Can Help

I enjoy writing about immune boosting therapies and ways to maintain good health.

May, 25 2018
Senior Care Benefits: Independence, Social Activities and Medical Help

I enjoy writing about senior living facilities to help seniors find safe and secure housing and improve their quality of life.

May, 4 2018
Study Finds Diabetics Visit the Dentist Less Often

I enjoy sharing medical news about diabetes to help promote better oral care.

April, 17 2018
Medical Marketing: 5 Best Practice Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

I enjoy helping medical organizations optimize their marketing to increase ROI.

January, 12 2018
Press Release
Can Telehealth Make Physical Therapy More Effective?

I enjoy writing about the latest trends in healthcare.

November, 30 2016

Auto Repair, Car Dealerships and Recreational Vehicles

Landing Page
Honda Auto Repair & Service in Stillwater, MN

I enjoy writing about the auto industry and helping to promote auto repair services.

November, 9 2018
Car Camping: The Perfect Solo Setup for Under $500

I enjoy writing about camping gear and ways to save money when you travel.

April, 26 2018
Blog Post
One Place With No Waiting

I enjoy helping people find easy ways to get insurance coverage for their vehicles.

March, 28 2018
Landing Page
Gainesville FL Auto Repair for Your Volkswagen Needs

I enjoy promoting the services that auto repair companies have to offer the public.

Landing Page

I enjoy writing for auto repair companies to help bring new customers into their businesses and increase ROI.

Burrowing Rodents, Pest Control and Home Services

Blog Post
Common Diseases Caused by Pests

I want to help homeowners learn about burrowing rodents and the dangerous diseases they carry. And, precautions to take to rid their home and property of vermin.

September, 29 2016
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