Kat Tretina

Seasoned writer specializing in making personal finance interesting and actionable

I’ve been freelancing since 2009, writing for private companies and publications. I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured in major publications like USA Today, The Huffington Post, and Forbes.
Before freelancing, I worked for a large pharmaceutical company where I worked in several different therapeutic areas. That gave me a significant education in disease states and their treatments, which helps me be an effective healthcare writer today.
But personal finance is my passion. Helping people take control of their debt and secure their financial future gives me intense satisfaction.
Writing is my love in life. I can write 16 hours a day and be grumpy about going to sleep because I have more thoughts to get down. I’m constantly learning and improving to be the best writer possible.
I attended Elizabethtown College for my BA where I double-majored in English and Communications, because one major just wasn’t enough work (I have Type A issues). I went on to get my Master’s in Communications from West Chester University.
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