Kammy Thurman

Content Strategist, Copywriter

Conversion Copy & Strategy that Turns Cold Traffic into Recurring Revenue

I’m a direct-response/conversion copywriter and digital marketing consultant who pairs time-tested persuasion techniques with cutting edge data to move people to "yes."

What I bring to your projects:
- 12 years in face-to-face sales as the top-selling consultant in 2 different travel agencies.
- 20 years as a direct-response copywriter/digital marketing consultant for over 150 companies in a dozen industries, giving me an in-depth understanding of how to reach very different markets and move them to a sale.
- 5 years as a Professional Educator for the Travel Institute, marketing consultant, and contributor to their travel agent training programs.
- Professional certification by leading organizations in direct-response, SEO and B2B copywriting, digital marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce, and email marketing.
- Over 2,000 articles published in over 40 publications — from local newspapers to international magazines.
- Ghostwriter of 2 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling business books.

My story:
I discovered the fun of selling when I was 10 — and successfully pedaled window-washing to local businesses so I could buy a Barbie doll. Then a Jane West doll (because she could sit a model horse properly).

I discovered my passion for writing when I was 16 — and my high school English class voted for me to write a rebuttal article to a biased report about the “certain” death of our town after the Milwaukee Railroad closed. The reporter had only interviewed Milwaukee employees, so of course, they’d say the town couldn’t survive without them!

Well, I interviewed Milwaukee employees, all right, plus the mayor and other city officials, plus business owners, plus long-time residents who’d seen a lot of change over the years and I got a very different story from them. I sent the article into the county newspaper fully expecting it to never see print. But the paper did print it! And not just that paper – newspapers around the state picked it up. (BTW — not only did the town survive, it has doubled in population and continues to grow).

And that began my writing career, leading me to the University of Montana for a Creative Writing degree.

I discovered my passion for travel when I was 23 — and noticed a classified ad for travel training in the newspaper. The ad painted a glorious picture of traveling the world, exploring exotic destinations, and discovering other cultures. A week later, I was on a jet bound for The Northwest Travel Academy in Dallas, TX.

And that began a 12-year career as the highest-selling consultant in 2 travel agencies.

I discovered how to put these all together in 2000 — when I discovered The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly at the local library and landed upon the perfect way to team my sales skills with my writing passion.

And that began a 20-year career (so far) as a conversion copywriter/marketing consultant, helping companies generate more leads, land more sales, and grow their revenues in a consistent, sustainable manner.

Behind the Scenes:
I live with my husband and 3 sons in Montana’s stunning Bitterroot Valley. My oldest son lives nearby and attends grad school at the University of Montana. The younger two are undergrads at the same university.

I still love to travel and get excited whenever I enter an airport (like a Thoroughbred stepping into the gate at the Kentucky Derby!). I also love sipping coffee on my back patio during crisp Montana mornings… taking off on a weekend road trip in my husband’s convertible with no particular destination in mind… and October days popping with color at Sebasco Harbor Resort in Maine.

I also volunteer at a large rescue operation that’s home to 50 horses, half a dozen donkeys, a jersey cow, a beefalo, a handful of goats, a couple of grumpy-old-men potbellied pigs, a roost of chickens and a huge boar named Hodor.
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