Kanika Grant

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Writers write, that what my Screenwriting Professor said in 2004.

Born in the 80s, I grew up in what was perceived to others as a loving Upper Middle Class Family in Southern California. I grew up as the only child, although I had a sister who died before I was born, yet I always felt connected to her, even until this day. I would like to know what happened to her, as knowing the truth, I believe, will make sense of my family status to date. My family status has shaped me into the person I am today, which is pretty laid back with more wisdom than most. My writing style is shaped by my life experiences which are laughable and tragic at the same time. I Love love and hate ignorance. My family now is those who are loyal now and been loyal then. It a small funky tribe but it mines, it reliable, like a Toyota Corolla, my first car. In all, I’m every woman, it all in me and I write from that perspective, as well as from a Black Woman, as these two lovely facts, shape my day, my past, my present and future more than anything else, and God of course is the head of my life. I’m relational with Jesus, not religious with others, just know my story firsthand so I have to shout out the One that been with me through it all. All in all, I’m a good person who enjoys writing for reasonable, fair, agreed upon compensation.
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UCLA, Certificate of Completion Screenwriting Program
FAMU, Bachelor of Science- Public Relations

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