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Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

Creating Communications That Connect and Convert

Michele Lashley brings a unique skill set to the creative process. In addition to having worked as a marketing communications and content development professional for more than 20 years, she also has a legal background that allows her to inject a distinctive combination of creativity and analytical thinking into any project she works on. Michele has worked on both the client and agency side of the creative business, so she understands the needs and perspectives of both.

Being the serial entrepreneur that she is, Michele has always sought ways beyond the traditional 9-5 position to work with organizations of all sizes regarding their marketing communication needs. Creativity combined with an ability to quickly synthesize complicated information into effective marketing messages gives her a unique edge when it comes to developing marketing communications materials, strategies and training programs for extremely complex sectors—including the healthcare, biopharmaceutical, manufacturing, high-tech, education, travel, banking, real estate and legal industries.

Michele's educational background includes a B.A. in journalism/mass communications, an M.A. in journalism (with an emphasis on advertising), and a J.D. (law degree). In addition to her work as a freelance copywriter and communications strategist, she also serves as an assistant professor at the university level, teaching courses such as Copywriting, Corporate Publishing, Strategic Campaigns, Writing for Visual Media, Visual Communication, Strategic Writing, Public Relations & Civic Responsibility, Professional Speaking & Rhetoric, Media Writing, and Principles of Advertising.

Michele is absolutely committed to providing her clients with creative and strategic solutions that connect with target audiences, that stand out in a very noisy marketplace, and that WORK.
Content Types
Blog Post, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Presentation, Corporate Video, Explainer Video, Landing Page, Checklist
More Information
Elon College (Now Elon University), B.A.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A.
N.C. Central University School of Law, JD
Cary, NC, USA|English

Published Content

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Rucker and Associates--Corporate Capabilities Brochure

Rucker & Associates works with companies and organizations to find greater and sustainable efficiencies through the application of Lean Six Sigma. But, not everyone understands what Lean Six Sigma is--much less why they should be interested in it. This client wanted to tell their brand story in a way that explained the benefits of Lean Six Sigma without putting everyone to sleep. And, they wanted potential clients to be as excited about this tool as they are. So, we got them to teach us about it and found that there are a lot of reasons to be a fan of Lean Six Sigma. From there, the brand story wrote itself. Well, kind of. We helped it along here and there. (Work developed as an employee of Micromass Communications. Additional pieces from this campaign can be found here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2344050/Rucker-Associates-Brand-Repositioning)

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Patient Support Campaign

Constantly searching for ways to learn more about how to better serve the needs of its clients and the patients they serve, Micromass Communications enrolled in almost 30 patient support programs to find out what patients were really experiencing. What they found was surprising--and also extremely valuable when it comes to building future programs. The following cross-platform self-promotional campaign was developed to get the word out about the results of the study and to let potential clients know that Micromass is THE choice when it comes to partnering with an agency to develop best-in-class patient support programs. (Work developed as employee of Micromass Communications. See more pieces from the patient support campaign here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2340210/Patient-Support-Campaign-Micromass-Communications-Inc)

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Stewart Engineering Ad Campaign

Stewart Engineering was looking for a way to promote its move to downtown Raleigh, NC and to tell its story in a way that positioned the company as more than just another engineering firm. So, that's we we did. Because engineering isn't just about schematics. It's about finding unique solutions to build unique dreams. (Work done through Capstrat. See the full campaign here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2312382/Stewart-Engineering-Ad-Campaign).

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501 Realty Listing Presentation

Selling your house can be one of the most stressful things EVER. 501 Realty understands this. And they also understand that having clear and accurate information can play a significant role in reducing that stress. That's why they brought me in--as well as my colleague and art director/designer extraordinaire Jennifer Matthews. Working with the phenomenal 501 Realty team, we created this listing presentation that provides step-by-step information to sellers who are preparing to put their house on the market. The goal? To make putting out the "For Sale" sign a time for celebration and anticipation instead of uncertainty and trepidation.

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Direct Mail
Be Transfusion Smart Patient Education Campaign

For patients who have received 10 or more transfusions during their lifetime, the potential exists for them to develop a condition called iron overload. However, they often aren't aware that this is even a possibility. The Be Transfusions Smart program was designed to educate patients about iron overload so that they could work with their physicians to take steps to test for the condition and treat it. Although Be Transfusion Smart was a print-based campaign, content was developed so that patients could interact with it and it was also written in a way that would appeal to those at various levels of health literacy. Educating patients. Saving lives. It all makes for a good day's work. (Work developed as employee of Micromass Communications. See additional pieces from the campaign here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2340588/Be-Transfusion-Smart-A-Patient-Education-Program)

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals Brand Development

It wasn't enough that Akrimax Pharmaceuticals was a new company in an already crowded marketplace. But, it also was proposing an entirely different approach to the way pharma is done. So, finding a brand voice that not only could be heard above the roar of competitors, but that also conveyed this new approach to business in a way that generated confidence was a challenge to say the least. But, it was a welcomed challenge and one that was met with resounding success. (Work developed as employee of Micromass Communications. See more pieces from the campaign here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/2331314/Akrimax-Pharmaceuticals-Brand-Development.)

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Print Ad for AICPA's 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Program

How much do you REALLY know about your finances? Do you have a financial strategy that's working for the dreams you have? These are some of the questions addressed by the AICPA's 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy program. And this ad was one way to spread the news about it.

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