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Karan Henley Haugh is a Ph. D. in English with over 20 years of teaching, assistant editor, and online and in-class editing experience. She is a certified teacher of English, French, and English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) in PA, OH, and CA. She has a para-legal certificate and specializes in legal editing, as well as ESL work. She was accepted for the J. D. program at American University. She was the recipient of a Senatorial Scholarship, two Teaching Assistantships at the University of Pittsburgh, a scholarship at The University of Denver, and a Teaching Fellowship at Bowling Green State University (OH). Her earliest awards were a bond in 5th grade for her essay “Why I Love America” and a flower book in 6th grade for her entry, “The Trillium Trail.” She won a Society of Arts and Letters award in 1978. Although she has over 15 notable articles covering primarily poetry readings and theater, etc., her most important article is: “No Safe Threshold: An interview With Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass,” published in Pittsburgh, PA just days before “Three Mile Island” and brought out again to the Northern California shore to prevent a nuclear reactor from being built that was never built. The article can be viewed in her website, along with other of her work or online under “No Safe Threshold.” She has taught as assistant professor for 15 years and as substitute teacher, a tutor, and in other capacities for another 15 years. She is fluent in French, having written a text book, and she has studied numerous other languages including tribal dialects for her book LION MOUNTAIN. Karan’s teaching expertise ranges from Pittsburgh Job Corps to Georgetown University. She has had extensive experience teaching business and technical writing classes and editing business and technical materials. For the past fifteen years, she has successfully run her nationwide, online business Manuscripts Plus {www.manuscriptsplus.com], during which she has done all manners of editing, including many books. She is the author of ten journal books based on 160 journals, written over 40 years, several collections of short stories, novellas, and other works. She finished her fascinating memoires Remembering..., her 2017 New Year’s Resolution.

Karan Henley Haugh (publishing as Karan Henley Haugh)

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Bowling Green State University, Ph. D. in English
University of Pittsburgh, M. A. in Linguistics, Creative Writing
Louisville, KY, USA|English, French

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