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I can do all things through Christ that strengthens Me

I am a strong, proud, brave, noble, black woman. Some may think of me as a hero, simply because of all the battles I have been through but my loved ones look to me for guidance and wisdom and I love every minute of it. Despite these fabulous qualities, I do have a weakness and that is my flexibility. Once my mind is made up, I can be a bit stubborn. My family and I focus on the homelessness as well as the opioid epidemic. We feel that this is a great way to help serve and protect our community and also save lives. With my caring heart and free giving ways, I am very passionate about helping people. Anyone in need of help such as homeless people, sick children, sick adults, etc. Anyone in need of my help, I would love to assist them. This brings joy to my heart in unbelievable ways. The energy of happiness I bring around people is genuine just like the smile on my face. I always smile no matter how my day is going because I know there is someone out there in worse shape than I. Also, I am happy because I woke up this morning and was able to walk, talk, and breathe on my own. Many people did not have the blessing to even wake up this morning and I am blessed for that and high flavored. I never take life for granted. To say the least, My best quality is my personality. I just love to love myself and others.
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Huntington Junior College, Substance Abuse Counselor
Huntington, WV, USA|English

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