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Whether you need sophistication or jubilation, professional or playful, I will deliver.

My name is Kate Gilleo. I have been writing for as long as I could hold a crayon, and have been receiving awards since the second grade (when my poem was selected and I won $15 to a bookstore). I am most experienced in essay and article-writing, as I have been a freelance blogger and staff writer and student all at once for several years.

If you need professionalism, I can oblige. Prefer something more personal? I've got your back. I am currently working on a Linguistics/American Sign Language Interpretation degree at a northern state school, and was recently a Deaf Studies & History Transfer major in community college. My expertise is in Deaf advocacy, but I have a passion for literature and am a skilled researcher with the ability to expand my horizons to encompass pretty much any topic.
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Northern Essex Community College, 2-Year E. C. Certificate (45 Credit Hours)
Maineville, OH 45039, USA|English

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When The Chips Are Down: What Black Jack Teaches Us About the Sanctity of Life
April, 18 2018
Blog Post
Hattie's Skirts

A humble poem, recently been integrated into the Amesbury High School branch of Northern Essex Community College's Early College program curriculum as a history-art piece.

July, 7 2017
Review: OneRoom, Episode 1: Hanasaka Yui Makes a Request
March, 2 2017
Ad/Promotional Copy
The AHS Weekly

Old AHS Weekly Staff advertisement.

Blog Post
It's Three in the Morning
July, 22 2017
Review: Your Name

Review of popular movie.

June, 23 2017
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