Katherine Betts

Photographer, Writer

Architectural designer turned family lifestyle blogger and social influencer.

Before the arrival of my twins, I was an Architect specializing in the education sector. I also spent time teaching school science to ages 12-18. I now run a family lifestyle blog called Twin Pickle, aimed at mothers with young children. I also work with brands through social media, promoting products through lifestyle photography and video. I am a mom of 2yr-old twin boys and an 8yr-old daughter.
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University College London, UK, BSc Architecture
University of Bath, UK, Masters in Architecture
Birmingham City University, UK, Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural Practice
University of Bath, Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Arizona City, AZ USA|English

Blog Posts

Blog Post
Delayed Speech in Toddlers: Qualifying for Early Intervention

A blog post documenting our personal experience with the State funded Early Intervention Program for speech and language. I explain why my twin boys qualified and help mothers understand the evaluation process.

August 23rd, 2017
Blog Post
Daycare or Nanny for Twins? Childcare Choices

A resource for parents of twins weighing up their childcare options.

January 5th, 2018
Blog Post
Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

A look at the science behind identical twins, DNA and why biological clones don't always look exactly the same.

March 14th, 2017
Blog Post
The Ultimate Vegetarian Empanada: Beans Make it Better

A sponsored blog post working with S&W Beans to encourage substitution of meat with beans. A recipe post, all photos are my own.

March 7th, 2018
Keeping Kids Full Until Dinner: Healthy Snacks & Lunch

A sponsored blog post working with Happy Kids snack bars. A guide to creating the perfect healthy lunch box with a focis on keeping little ones full throughout the day. All photos are my own.

November 20th, 2017
Blog Post
Colorful Playroom Reading Nook Makeover

A sponsored blog post, working with Sherwin Williams paint. A playroom makeover project documented with photographs and video. All photos are my own.

January 19th, 2018

Social Media

Product Photography
Twin Pickle on Instagram: “#ad When you want to convince people you're cooking from scratch when really you grabbed a bag from the freezer and chopped some cilantro…”

A sponsored Instagram post for Frontera Foods.

Social Video
IKEA Kallax Hack: DIY Custom Closet

A DIY video for an IKEA hack project. I filmed and edited this video during my DIY project. It did particularly well on Facebook and helped kickstart a new page.

Candid Photography
Twin Pickle on Instagram: “When you can’t decide if you want to be Clark Kent or Wonder Woman. #decisionsdecisions #myhero . . . #toddlerproblems #candidchildhood…”

A photo to give a feel of my parenting/candid photography.

Product Photography
Twin Pickle on Instagram: “In case you haven't heard... It's National Pizza Day!!! #sponsored Get involved and upgrade your pizza with some Hidden Valley Ranch…”

I sponsored Instagram post for Hidden Valley Ranch.

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