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Contributing to a sustainable, peaceful, and just society through research and writing that informs minds and transforms hearts

Kathia Laszlo is an inspirational and reflective executive coach, leadership development consultant and facilitator with extensive international experience across North America, Latin America and Europe. Kathia develops collaboration and innovation capacities for organizational effectiveness and systemic transformation.

Kathia is an explorer of regenerative business models and applies her expertise in adult learning, collective wisdom, design thinking and dialogue to design and facilitate experiential processes that transform individuals and groups from the inside out and activate their wisdom and creativity. She combines her scholarly and professional expertise in systems thinking, feminine and indigenous ways of knowing, mindfulness and creativity to support business, academic and nonprofit leaders in transforming their organizations into cultures of innovation.
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Article, Blog Post, Interview, Whitepaper, Case Study, Ebook
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Saybrook University, PhD - Human Science (specialization Social and Institutional Change)
Oakland, CA, USA|English, Spanish

Published Content

Facilitating with Spirit

The art of facilitating diverse groups to elicit their collective wisdom

May, 15 2018
Blog Post
Education at the Edge of Possibility (Part I)

A blog on educational innovation from a systems perspective

September, 1 2014
Blog Post
Education at the Edge of Possibility (Part II)

Exploring possibilities for educational innovation

September, 15 2014
Blog Post
Return of the divine feminine

A reflection on the results of the 2016 elections

November, 10 2016
Blog Post
From Systems Thinking to Systems Being

Introducing the notion of systems being as an expansion to systems thinking

August, 9 2014
Blog Post
The Practices of Systemic Sustainability

Describing sustainability as a journey that begins with personal transformation and moves outward to community and the environment

August, 1 2014
05/31 – Authenticity and Integrity in Evolutionary Leadership

A personal exploration on leadership from a culture and gender lens

May, 22 2018
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