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" A familiar name on its own, however, does not carry its bearer far unless the talent is there, and the will to work. "

Hi. My name is Kathreen. I strongly believe that writing is a skill you are born with. I've written hundreds of poems and few short stories and my audience is pretty much myself only. The younger me didn't think that writing could be a good career.

I've had a lot of hurdles in life that should've destroyed me but it didn't. I've faced obstacles that somehow made me forgot how much I love to write. It was not too long ago when I realized it's not too late. I can still continue writing. Every now and then a story line would pop up in my head. Those kind of stories I want my own story to be like.

I also started a personal blog few years ago during the time that I was very depressed. I stopped for a few years because I was trying to help myself recover. I told myself it won't help me change my point of view if I keep writing pessimistic articles on my blog. You can visit my blog : Thegrayshadow.wordpress.com

And as per my work history, I've spent a decade (and counting) working for 2 business process outsourcing (BPO) companies as technical support. 2 companies only because tenure and work ethics are 2 things that I value the most. I can work with minimal supervision. I am independent and a fast learner. I am open to ideas and is open in learning more. My skills maybe broad and I am fairly new in this freelance industry but I am excited to what it can bring me. I am open in to acquiring new skills and learning new things.

You can check my linkedin page if you are curious about my employment history:

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