Kathryn Hogan

I write about authenticity, spirit and sex with a fun and sassy twist. It's often hilarious and always from the heart! Mindfulness and Wellness Certified Coach, in training.

A relationship and wellness coach, author and speaker, I support men and women in creating the lives and relationships they desire. I have a strong background in meditation and other spiritually wholistic modalities, from Holotropic Breathwork and Reiki to Mindfulness and EMDR. I bring wisdom about wellness and a deep compassion to every client I coach, and every topic I write about; as evidenced by my powerful and popular work for The Good Men Project, aiming to call a truce in the ongoing gender wars.

I'm passionate about men and masculinity, healthy relationships, mindfulness and wellness... all the things necessary to finding your power, connecting with the people who matter, and creating the life you want in the process! I'm currently undergoing certification as a Life Coach and Mindfulness and Wellness Certified Coach through the ICF and the Mindfulness Coaching School.
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