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Hey there! I'm Kate, a British ex-pat currently living in Canada, and before that living on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. Writing has always been a huge part of my life, both in my career and creative pursuits.

My career has been entirely left-brained in terms of writing. I started out as a primary school teacher, then moved to the finance sector helping small-medium businesses, and finally went on to support customers in the video gaming industry with Electronic Arts. I wrote process documentation and drove continuous improvement while working with stakeholders from across the globe, from Stockholm to Melbourne to Los Angeles.

In that time I found I had a real talent for taking long prose and structuring it into easy-to-digest bullet points designed to be read by people of any skill with the English language. If you want more on those accomplishments, please check out my Linked In profile.

Out of work though, I'm entirely right brained with a number of creative hobbies! Given my career I'd be remiss to leave out how big a part video gaming has played in my life - my first ever console was a Master System and the addiction only got worse from there! I love games with a strong focus on story and that gives me a rather eclectic taste - my current top 5 games of all time would be Hades, Bloodborne, Oxygen Not Included, Final Fantasy XIV and Rimworld.

I'm very much into storytelling, which includes creative writing and tabletop RPG's that give me the opportunity to world-build and create characters. Finally, I'm also an avid artist. I draw digital art and paint miniatures, having done limited commission work for both.

I hope that builds a good picture of who I am and what I could write about for you! I've a varied experience across both the technical and creative aspects of writing, and I'd be delighted to put that to good use for you.
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