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Copywriting that gets results

Most B2B marketers say their number one challenge is generating high-quality leads. As a copywriter who specializes in lead generation, I help small businesses attract high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers.

I have a BA in Radio and Television Broadcasting from Butler University. I am a seasoned broadcast communications veteran with experience writing radio commercials, PSA’s and other station announcements. I’ve written commercials for a variety of industries including hospitals, automobile dealerships, restaurants and more.

Why does this matter to you?

Writing radio commercials provides excellent training for writing emails, landing pages and other lead generation copy. After all, you only have 30 or 60 seconds to get your message across in a radio commercial, you have even less time to persuade prospects to open an email and read it. So, the writing must not only be persuasive but concise.

My radio commercial writing experience demonstrates my ability to find the right words to write lead generation marketing copy that is on target, written well, and works well in your marketing.

My Training As A Writer

My radio commercial writing skills proved that I knew how to write persuasive ad copy, but I realized that “writing to sell” requires more than good writing skills and product/market knowledge. That’s why I took the intensive direct response copywriting program given by the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), the industry leader in training copywriters. That means I know how to write marketing materials that are clear, accurate and uniquely persuasive. Why? Because I have a deep understanding of direct response marketing and what motivates a buyer to say yes.

Here’s a snapshot of my qualifications:

Certification: AWAI Verified Copywriter (AWAI)
Certification: Secrets of Strategic Copywriting (Steve Slaunwhite)
Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy (AWAI)
Become a Lead Generation Specialist (AWAI)
Email Copywriting For B2B Companies (AWAI)
How To Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies (AWAI)
B2B Websites: (AWAI)
Writing Case Studies (AWAI)
How To Write White Papers (AWAI)
Content Types
Article, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
Butler University, B.S.
Indianapolis, IN, USA|English

Published Content

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Arkadin White Paper POS.pdf

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Landing Page
Cielo 24 Landing Page.pdf

To persuade prospects to download Cielo24's new e-book

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Cielo 24 Email.pdf

To persuade prospects to download e-book.
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