Kelly Hambly

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

I write copy and content that makes brands sound human — like your customers.

My superpower is digging into your brand and the people behind it to find the words that make it relatable to the humans who will buy your products and services. I combine storytelling with problem-solving and empathy and I do it with a human voice. Your customers will know that you really understand their wants and needs.

I also understand how words and graphics work together to make your brand sing. It's something I picked up working for 12 years as a graphic designer in consumer and trade magazine publishing.

Oh, and did you know that having a fully developed brand voice gives your employees a voice, too? When your message rings as authentic and true, everyone drinks the Kool-Aid.

Employees who drink what you're serving turn around and tell their friends to get their butts to the party pronto. That's what we call a side benefit. It's a big one.

My writing has helped sell:

➤ horizontal drilling equipment
➤ service trucks
➤ industrial explosives and blasting services
➤ workforce development
➤ safety programs
➤ sustainability education programs
➤ sand and gravel operations
➤ nutrition outreach and food access programs
➤ crushing and screening equipment
➤ toys
➤ floor care products
➤ handcrafted ceramics
➤ luxury yarn
➤ custom jewelry
➤ organic farms
➤ an artisan bakery
➤ hand sanitizer
➤ super-sticky tape

You probably wonder if I have a niche.

I do.

My niche is your story.

Storytelling is the tool I use to develop the brand voice that gives your customers a reason to believe and sets you apart from your competition. You know how bland the competition can sound, especially in B2B. You don't want to be a bland brand.
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