Kelly Rasmussen

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Painting a visual image with words is what I do best

If I were playing "Two Truths and a Lie," I would say the following: I decided to become a writer in the 4th grade, I've been bungee jumping, and I have an awesome job with YOUR COMPANY! The last, of course, is the lie. For now...

Here's what I have to offer in this role:

Master Juggler: 7 years of work-from-home experience has taught me how to find balance with work/home life while producing quality work on strict deadlines.

Adventurous Spirit: Always up for a new challenge, I am comfortable discussing taboo topics, learning new things, and working with a variety of people.

Mother of Toddlers: In both personal and professional life, I am used to taking complex topics and simplifying them for a variety of audiences...and ages! I am also able to adapt to change, put criticism to good use, and multi-task.

Word Nerd: You know that friend you always had proof your papers before turning them in? I'm that girl to my family and friends still in school. I've also edited several corporate publications, rewritten website pages, book covers, and more.

Product Listing Ninja: As the lead copywriter at KickFire Marketing, I played a critical role in creating a system for writing product listings that convert like crazy. From performing keyword research to creating titles, bullets, and descriptions that make the reader believe they can't live without the product, most of the products I worked on became Amazon's Choice items within 30-60 days.
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Blog Post, Article, Ebook, Infographic Copy, Landing Page, Press Release, Product Description, Website Copy
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University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Bachelor's in Journalism & Media Studies
Las Vegas, NV, USA|English

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