Kemar Campbell

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Motivated with interpersonal skills eager to pursue a long-term career in Information Technology; ready to grow and evolve into a highly effective and knowledgeable professional

It is a blessing to be presented with the opportunity to work at your organization. My name is
Kemar Campbell and I was born and raised in the beautiful Kingston, Jamaica where I attained
my high school diploma and relevant certificates. I recently graduated the Lemoyne-Owen
College with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am currently in grad school at
the George Washington University where I am studying to receive my master’s in Information
Systems and Technology to further my education and pursue my career goals in the technology
field. I am really excited to apply all that I have learned in the real world. I am also excited to
learn more and grow. This is a field I intend to excel in and meet more professionals that will
help me improve my skills. I like to stay busy and I love working hard.
I was always a leader growing. Even in situations that I did not notice I was being a leader. In
each part of life, you are settling on a choice; regardless of whether that choice is great or awful.
I am exceptionally happy with most of my choices made for an incredible duration. It could
have been terrible, however rather I am standing here fit as a fiddle, a proud undergraduate,
making progress towards success.
I was consistently a pioneer even in circumstances when I would not like to lead. I needed to
venture up and acknowledge the job. A little case of this is the point at which I was named
captain of my high school basketball team. My coach confided in me to make the right choices
for the whole group. We went to the championship that year.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I am really looking forward in being a part of such
a successful organization. It was a pleasure and a blessing to be considered and presented this
great opportunity.
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George Washington University , Information Systems and Technology
Lemoyne Owen College , Information Technology
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