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Kendra Whitmire is a freelance writer and editor. She has experience writing a variety of copy types, including blogs, reviews, press releases, website content, and op ed pieces. This work has been completed in a variety of industries, including health, wellness, finance, eCommerce, marketing and real estate. She graduated cum Laude from USC with a BA in English and German and has two masters’ degrees in English from the University of Birmingham in England, specializing in Shakespeare Studies. Kendra recently earned her MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, graduating with distinction from the University of Western States. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, running, yoga and reading.
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University of Southern California, BA
University of Birmingham, MA
University of Birmingham, mPhil
University of Western States, MS
Laguna Beach, CA, USA|English


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Online Custom Nutritional Counseling | Sunshine Nutrition & Wellness

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