Kenyatta Cosby, M.D.

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I am a Physician Scientist with extensive writing experiences and a proven track record of consistently establishing expert-level writing assignments and healthcare-related initiatives within a specific timeframe. I possess an extensive background in clinical and biomedical management for organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute- Frederick, Maryland. I have solid scientific training and a great business acumen from my biomedical experiences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and NIH. I have devoted my professional career to developing proven strategies in order to meet and exceed my client’s expectations.

In 2010, I was complimented by the Nature Publishing Group as they selected one of my articles to be placed in their Nature Medicine Classic Collection section (1 of 15 articles selected), which have been cited over 2500 since first printed. I have published many of my writings in quality journals such as J Vasc Surg, Ann Vasc Surg, Circulation, Blood, J Cardiovas Magn Reson, J American College Cardiology, J MRI, Stem Cell and Nature Medicine. I have been a freelance medical writer for 10 years and have worked with an array of clients for a diverse number of writing projects.

I am currently a Chief Medical Compliance Officer with extensive experience in creating and managing risk management programs as well as having implemented these initiatives across organizations in accordance with federal law. As a Physician Scientist, I have a proven track record of consistently establishing effective initiatives and having a firm grasp of all aspects of the writing process and risk management within academia, biomedical research and the healthcare arenas.

I enjoy freelance writing and personally enjoy translating topics (i.e., medical and scientific) to a broader audience (i.e., technical and layperson) and helping others to express their ideas in understandable terms. I feel that my skills and experience will be a great fit for your next medical and scientific project needs. I look forward to learning more about your current project and working with you soon.

Kenyatta Cosby, M.D.

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Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, D.C. , MD- Doctor of Medicine
Hagerstown, MD, USA|English

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This is a Biomedical Research Training Brochure for the National Institutes of Health's Graduate School.

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Novel research.

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Novel research in which I help to design, write and research with my team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Sample copies of past writings.
Nitrite reduction to nitric oxide by deoxyhemoglobin vasodilates the human circulation

A novel scientific discovery which was well-received by scientific community.

November 2nd, 2003
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