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Hi there,

I am a freelance content writer with five years experience. I have written informative content for SaaS industries, performing arts groups and startups. My genres are entrepreneurship and self-help, but I don't have any issues with other topics. As long as I am learning new things, I am good.

Q.1 Why should you hire me to write about technology and corporate topics?

Ans. I am a software engineer. So, breaking hard technical topics into understandable stories is my forte. Also, you won't have to worry about SEO and keywords. I have coded a few web crawlers myself. So, I have a good idea about how page ranking works.

Q.2 Why should you hire me to write about performing arts?

Ans. I am a thespian who has performed theatre for four years. I worked on the different arts of acting, scriptwriting, and sound & light design. All the trainers I have worked with are from the National School of Drama, India.

Q.3 Why should you hire me to write about entrepreneurship?

Ans. When I was 18, I started a theatre group with zero investment, which still gets grants from the Ministry of Culture, India. When I turned 20, I started a content writing company for people who love to read facts, not opinions. We scaled to a team of 45 college students who loved writing.

Q.4 Why should you hire me to write at all?

Ans. Every initiative I took, I knew I had to convince people to join me. What's a visionary without persuasive skills? Most of the communication between my team and government organizations were in the written mode, which helped me to use a different voice according to the need. That's how I learned to copywrite even before knowing what copywriting was. When my team found difficulty in understanding topics outside their speciality, I made them a guide to help them do that work in an efficient way.

I was unaware of how writing a small email or a much more informative how-to guide was helping me that time. When I look back now, I can proudly say, I am a product of my experiences. On paper, I might have been writing for five years but deep down I know it's a lot more than that!

Congratulations! If you have read till here. It means that you are honest with your work to look for a good match for a good job.
Hope we can collaborate for awesome products!

Good luck and thank you!

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ABES Engineering College, B Tech (Computer Science)
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